Attorney Alan Edmunds Website

Attorneys websites need a clear idea of who their target audience is. Before you design and develop a law website you need to understand that not all visitors are your target audience. Design your site specifically for people who will be interested in what you offer. Have a clear call to action and an easily accessible contact form. That’s why things that work for a certain practice might not work for another.
Attorney Alan Edmunds has been representing clients for over 30 years in the areas of an Diego Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody matters, Military Law and Military Discharges. He represents numerous individuals in Family Law Mediation and Business Mediation. Mr. Edmunds’ experience as a Pro Tem Judge in San Diego court, his knowledge and court room skills have lead many clients to realize that he is one of the top San Diego divorce attorney they have known.

If you have questions about child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation or division of assets, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Edmunds or his staff. Flexible payment plans are available and in many cases retainer payments can be reduced depending on the individual specific situation.